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Interested In Joining Quartermaster?

We’re always looking for great people who are passionate about our mission to join us!


Build Something Your Neighbours Will Love

We're on a mission to bring a new level of tech empowerment to the home management space and, in the process, solve for a new level of trust and mutual benefit between the homeowners and locally loved Pros of our neighbourhoods. We’re a local tech company in every sense of the word. We start with integrity, neighbourhood values, and competitive craftsmanship, and we build our business on neighbourhood trust.

Team Values


Our mission begins with integrity

We believe in doing the right thing, even when it’s uncomfortable and inconvenient.


We all choose the same mission

When we debate tradeoffs on how we can best accomplish our goals, we want to move forward with the best reasoning. We value both the courage to speak up, and the consideration to listen to others with intellectual honesty and curiosity.


Our mission goes nowhere without community

And we intend to bring community along with any success we achieve, so we look for people with a strong sense of ‘good neighbour’ values who are motivated to solve for uniquely strong interdependent outcomes.


We believe in taking a holistic approach to problem solving

And we look for people who feel a natural sense of responsibility to think through to the second and third order consequences of their actions.


We come together with a mentality of high ownership and we hold each other accountable

We don’t aim for perfection; we aim for a track record that produces a uniquely high level of trust.


Employee Ownership

We’re a team on a mission. We expect a high degree of ownership from each other, so we pair that with higher than usual equity in employee hand. Everyone at Quartermaster is a business owner.

Vacation And Benefits For You And Your Family


20 days of vacation for everyone


Comprehensive health and dental plan


100% parental leave top up + $1000


Tech allowance to upgrade your laptop


Home service allowance (through Qm app)


$1200 wellness spending account

Flexible hours and work from home or downtown Toronto office for collaboration.

We're looking for great people to join us. Check out our current job openings here:

Don't see a role that fits, but are excited about what we're doing? Get in touch here!

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