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Our Mission

Technology For Homeowners And Local Pros

A Simple Solution

We believe home management should be as simple as the tech that powers it. As a result, Quartermaster is delivered as a single app that offers a holistic approach to keep your home running smoothly.

A Collaborative Effort

Home management is a collaborative effort. Whether it’s finding a local Pro you can trust or keeping everyone living in your home on the same page, we’re dedicated to making that collaboration as easy as it is rewarding.

A Neighbourhood Network

We believe in the power of neighbourhood knowledge and its potential to unlock local support. By fostering a space where communities interact and use technology to ensure each review has lasting impact, we're all better off.

Where Commissions Are Kept Low

A local marketplace for professional services should have low commissions. We might not be the first tech company to pull together an Uber-like experience for finding a service, but we do believe we’re one of the best when it comes to commission rates.

A Love For Local

We back local businesses and are passionate about their success. With an understanding of the struggles they face, particularly when going digital, we live by the mantra that we work for them, rather than the other way around.

Integrity & Trust

As well as being local business owners in East End Toronto, we’re homeowners with heart. Just like the amazing local Pros we have on our platform, we’re building our business on trust and word of mouth referrals, one good job at a time.

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